The Best Vegan Recipe Box And Meal Delivery Services

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Whether you’re planning to make a short-term switch to a vegan diet through a challenge like Veganuary, or have a lifelong swap from meat to plants planned, it’s not always easy to know what to cook when you first make the change. You might start with grand aspirations about the many interesting plant-based meals you’re going to make, but after a couple of weeks, when you’re chowing down on yet another plate of chips, you might concede that some help is needed when it comes to make a vegan diet healthy and varied.

Enter two types of subscription services: the recipe box and the meal delivery service. The former sends all the ingredients you need to make a healthy, easy and delicious plant-based meal to your door with clear instructions on how to put them together, while the latter sends prepared meals for you to reheat. Here are our favourites for you to try.

Vegan Recipe Boxes

Abel & Cole

If one of your main motivations for making the switch to a vegan diet is the hefty environmental impact of the meat industry then Abel & Cole’s eco-friendly recipe box service will be right up your street. Almost all the ingredients come in cardboard packaging that you can return to the delivery driver when your next box arrives and deliveries are planned to minimise driving by only visiting each area once a week.

Abel & Cole’s menu always includes three vegan options each week, so although your choice is limited to those three meals, you can be sure that there will be enough plant-based options to fill out your box. The meals use organic and seasonal ingredients, and we’ve found them to be both exceptionally tasty and easy to make. Abel & Cole also offers organic fruit and vegetable boxes if you’d prefer to just get the ingredients and go from there.

Buy from Abel & Cole | From £6 per serving | Abel & Cole review


With Gousto’s recipe boxes you pick from a large selection of meals each week and there are always several excellent vegan options. The recipes are always easy to make and meticulously planned so you’re not rushing to get them done in the predicted prep time. Gousto’s boxes are also slightly cheaper than rivals like Mindful Chef, with the cheapest option for two people being £34.99 for four meals.

Buy from Gousto | From £4.37pp for two-person meals, £2.98pp for family meals | Gousto review

Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef caters to everyone: all its food is gluten- and dairy-free, and pescetarian and plant-based options available – you just have to be OK with its low-carb approach to meal times. Each week the menu includes several vegan options you can select to build your box, and while we’ve found Mindful Chef recipes to be slightly trickier than most in the past, they’re all, without exception, easy on the tastebuds.

Buy from Mindful Chef | From £5.25 per serving

Feast Box

The weekly line-up of recipes at Feast Box always includes several tasty vegan options, with the Asian and Middle Eastern menu offering legume-filled curries, tofu ramen and cauliflower steaks at the moment.

Buy from Feast Box | From £5 per serving

Vegan Meal Delivery Services


This is probably the easiest and tastiest way to do Veganuary. Allplants makes the meals for you and deliver them in perfect portions to pop straight in the oven or microwave. As the name suggests, all of Allplants’s meals are vegan, and they are also all ridiculously tasty, with the creamy cashew mac (a vegan take on mac and cheese) being our favourite.

Buy from Allplants | From £4.99 per serving

Fresh Fitness Food

This meal delivery services has packages tailored to suit both fitness goals and dietary preferences. You can get your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks delivered to your door each day if you really want to make your life easy. The meals all come packed in microwaveable containers and the menu is never short of plant-based options.

Buy from Fresh Fitness Food | From £23 a day